Here the arts are not a luxury. They are an integral part of our curriculum, where students learn teamwork, public speaking skills, and musical and artistic techniques.

A recent production of Peter Pan required complex rigging to make Peter and the Darling children fly, not to mention 35 student actors, and countless stagehands, seamstresses and designers. Ambitious? Yes. Unusual? Not here.

It’s the kind of experience every child should have. And every child here does. Any Upper School student who wants to participate in the spring musical gets a role.

Every student’s academic experience is deeply enriched by our outstanding drama, art, and music programs. Our visual arts curriculum teaches fundamental techniques in a variety of media fostering creativity, patience, and passion that will help to enrich their lives forever.  Our music curriculum develops a love and understanding of music through listening, theory, and learning to play instruments.

Some students will discover a budding talent, but all will leave with a deep appreciation for the arts.