We start with excellent academics. Traditional in content but innovative in teaching methodology, the curriculum focuses on building basic skills and introduces children to the joys of learning and achievement. Classes average sixteen students and the student/teacher ratio is 10 to 1. Small class size and teaching assistants in first grade allow intensive individual attention, small group work, and differentiated instruction. Our curriculum, while grounded in the basics, allows our faculty the opportunity to be innovative and develop interdisciplinary connections.

Teachers are passionate about their subjects, dedicated to student success, and generous with their time and energy. They are themselves life-long learners, who create engaging, challenging, and developmentally appropriate programs. Country School teachers recognize that learning styles differ and that students develop at varying rates. Our teachers know students as multifaceted individuals and attend to each child’s personal and academic well-being. All children are drawn into being active members of their class, and there are numerous arenas in which students can shine. Teachers help students stay engaged and excited whether they’re creating digital art masterpieces in Kindergarten or tackling algebra in eighth grade.