As I consider the faculty of The Country School, I am reminded how fortunate we are. Collectively, our teachers encompass an impressively broad range of knowledge, experience, and perspective. Individually, they include youth and maturity, enthusiasm and
judgment. Their individual interests are diverse and rich and contribute inordinately to the fabric of everyday life at our school.16594832532_a50a4be2fe_z

Our teachers are united by a life-long dedication to learning and a true love and respect for children. They share a belief in the value of solid academic preparation, sound moral principles, and each child’s ability to succeed. They teach at an independent school because they appreciate the individual attention they are able to devote to each child in a setting which encourages independent investigation and personal achievement.

I am proud to have these teachers as my colleagues, and I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce them to you.

Neil Mufson

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