What Makes The Country School Different?

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Researchers have found that students in K to 8 schools achieved higher scores on standardized tests and GPAs, especially in math. They also found that K through 8 students participated more in extracurricular activities, showed greater leadership skills, and were less likely to be bullied.

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Physical fitness is integral to a Country School education. Our physical education program is skill based and designed to build confidence, cooperation, but most of all, to be fun!

In the Lower School we use games and exercises to build coordination, trust, sharing, and sportsmanship. Upper School students may participate in our no-cut interscholastic team sports program when they reach sixth grade.

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Each student is a part of a year-long service learning project in our community starting in Kindergarten. From visiting with elderly neighbors to cleaning up our local waterways, students learn how their individual contributions can make a difference.

They tend to the Healing Garden at Hospice. They make lunches for the Neighborhood Service Center. Beyond fundraisers or drives, our kids go out into local organizations to form lasting relationships.

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Our values are honesty, respect, responsibility, compassion, generosity, commitment, cooperation, fairness, and moral courage. These aren’t just words. They shape our interactions as a community on the playground, in the hallways, on the sports fields, and in the classroom.

Each month, our entire school focuses on a different value.

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